Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to Make 6 Figures a Year Online?

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Although autoresponders are great for letting others know that you are away, they are even more valuable when used as a marketing tool. If you’ve thought about selling products or services online or if you already own your own company, you could greatly benefit from autoresponders.  In the world of Internet marketing – few tools and programs can compete with an autoresponder.

As many Internet marketers already know, autoresponders are a great way to put your business on autopilot and multiply yourself.  With an autoresponder, simply set up your preset messages, and select the schedule that each individual message will go out.  When messages go out is entirely up to you, you can send them out on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.  You can also use as many messages as you want, and know without a shadow of a doubt that they will go out to those on your customer list when they are supposed to.

Best of all, you don’t even have to touch it.  This will save you a lot of time, as your autoresponder will handle virtually all of your email tasks.  It will follow up with your customers as well, saving you a lot of time there.  If you had to follow up with each and every one of your customers yourself, it could cost a lot of time that you could easily be using for other things – even spending time with your family.

Even if your business doesn’t have a lot of site visitors now, an autoresponder can still help you out.  Even though you may not think so, it can do a world of wonders.  No matter how many visitors you have, you should always strive to capture all the opt-ins that you can.  The best way to do this is by providing high quality products and services that will keep your visitors intrigued.  If you keep them intrigued, they will gladly sign up to your list with their email address and their name, so that you can contact them with future offers.  Even though may be starting out small, your opt-in list can get really big before you know it.

Once your list has grown, it will easily become one of the most valued assets of your entire company.  In order for your list to grow, you’ll need to answer emails about your products, services, company, and what you can do for your customers.  You don’t need to spend all day doing this anymore, as you can leave everything to your autoresponder.  Your autoresponder can answer all of your email questions and give customers what they want – which will help your company grow. Almost all autoresponders will enable you to send broadcast messages to your entire client

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Rank a YouTube Video on Google? - No Registration Needed

Sky Rocket Your Your YouTube Views
No registration needed. And it’s Free and Watch an Interesting Video on YouTube Ranking on Google. Most so-called Internet marketing gurus teach you what they were doing 3 or even 4 years ago. Not what they are doing NOW. I was shocked when I found out that this guy is actually applying what he shows you to rank on page No1 of Google results. He is teaching exactly what he is doing NOW? That got me. He’s got to be the only one out there. Don’t miss this:

Ranking a YouTube Video
I know you are busy. I know you don’t have the time to watch every video. BUT watch this one. I don’t want you to be sorry later.

I know what you are thinking…
...I have no technical experience
...I have never made a video
...I have no money to invest
...I have no marketing knowledge
...I look bad on camera
...I don’t know anything about SEO
...I am just a regular guy or gal…
...and I can’t do what the gurus are doing!
And all of this would be completely wrong. Thinking that only the gurus can make SIX FIGURES online, that they are special was part of my mindset as well.

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