Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Grow Your Email Subscriber List? - Free Gift

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Using Free Autoresponders

Your first option for a free autoresponder should be the one that comes with your webhosting account. if you have a webhosting account. These autoresponders can easily be set up through the control panel of your website. If you do not have a hosting account, or your hosting account does not include autoresponders, there are other options that you can pursue.


There are many free autoresponder services to choose from. These services are free, because the company makes their money by placing a small advertisement in each message that your autoresponder sends out. These advertisements may appear at the top of your auto responses, or at the bottom, depending on which company you use.

Great Choice

Many paid autoresponder services offer a free version as well. These lighter versions of the paid autoresponders typically do not include many of the powerful features of the paid versions. But if you don’t need the more advanced features, this is a great choice. These free versions may or may not include advertisements in the outgoing messages.

Number of Subscribers

Most free autoresponders have a limit on the number of subscribers you can have. Many marketers don’t feel that the expense of the autoresponder is warranted until the list that they are building is turning a profit. From a business standpoint, this makes sense. Many people start out with the limited free versions, and then upgrade to the paid versions once their lists are large enough to exceed those limits.

Owner of a Business

As the owner of a business, you are the only one who can decide whether you need a paid autoresponder service, or if a free one will do the job. If your list is small, a free autoresponder should do everything that you need it to do, but as your list grows, you should definitely consider upgrading. However, having the small advertisements that the free services place in the outgoing messages may present a problem if the ads
compete with what you are trying to sell. Again, this depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your autoresponder.

Free Gift of Email Marketing

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