Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Recruit and Sponsor Affiliate Marketers?

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Sponsoring or Recruiting Affiliates

Once affiliates begin to sign up, even if you are automatically approving them, its in your best interest to audit your network on a regular basis. . If your affiliates get out of control, it could cost you a lot of money. You'll have hundreds of affiliates sign up for your program.  Hobbyists, spammers, webmasters and even marketers.  It's very important that you review each one on a regular basis to ensure the way they are promoting you is acceptable to your company and above all - its legal.

Levels of Content

Below, you'll find some tips when screening:All affiliates must have an active web site.   The affiliate site content must relate to your products or services. The site should have appropriate levels of content. Misuse of content.  Be very clear with your affiliates and what content they can use from your website.

 Communicating with affiliates

Good affiliates are normally busy, as they can  easily forget about your services and products. As time goes by, your offers can wind up less in less visited areas or accidentally deleted. It's extremely important to stay in contact with your affiliates, even more so with the high performers. Do not wait for them to contact you, as if you do, it normally means they are reporting a problem. By taking the time to contact them, you are showing that you are interested in the partnership.

More Money

You don't need a new product as an excuse to contact your power affiliates.  Even if it's just a quick note to ask if they need anything.  You can also use the opportunity for feedback on your program as well. Managing a successful affiliate program is not an easy task you can fully automate, as you'll have to get involved. Happy affiliates are more productive, and the more money they make - the more money your company makes as well.

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